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Develop fluency in 法国 and an appreciation of the Francophone world through the study of literature, 电影, and other media.

Our curriculum prepares you to excel in the field of 法国 and Francophone Studies, including all aspects of language, literature and culture. Course work emphasizes all language skills—oral fluency and comprehension, 写作, and analytical reading of various texts. You’ll also acquire a broad knowledge of 法国 history, civilization, values, and society. Our students are well prepared to live and work in a 法国-speaking environment and pursue graduate study.

Study-Abroad Programs

Principia study-abroad programs are open to all majors, and you’re encouraged to apply to any abroad program that interests you—even if the abroad isn’t in your major/minor. Your passport to international learning starts here—Principia College 出国留学.

Course Catalog

Find complete course listings and program requirements in our Course Catalog.